Update #4


Arms,Legs and Gun Models are changed.
New Animations.
Kicking will follow your player direction.
Enemies will melee when reloading and their reload will be cancelled when getting attacked.
Enemies can now shoot each other accidentaly.
Throwing the Baton will actually throw a spinning one towards the enemies which will richochet and hit other enemies nearby.
Baton hit speed and knockback buffed, signifacantly reduced damage.
Added Fog.
New small Parkour level for practice.
Color adjustments.
Fixed slowmo in Menu bug.
No more insane speedboost when kicking.
Improved damage based on speed.
Baton and Sword enemy has a smaller spawn rate now.
Many balancing.
Fixed small bugs.


VelocityRush.apk 45 MB
Feb 04, 2018

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